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  • My first solo flight on a trike! In France!

  • Slalom on Electric Skateboards

  • Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force

  • The Road to Nowhere

  • Trippy Music

  • Epic - only about 3 people in the world can sing this (watch past 2:10)

  • Don't try this at home

  • Butcher bird - what is it doing to that glider?

  • Banding Tree Swallows!

Creative Endeavors

Books on my shelf

  • Miss Snark's First Victim Blog Anniversary - 3rd Place Win!

  • Entry for Jessica Sinsheimer's Bad Query Contest - Honorable Mention!

  • This box is a riddle. The answer is plain to see, and so are all the clues.

  • Thinking about my heroines

  • If you don't fly right you might get "Caught"

  • Try to avoid "The Other Show"

  • Mocked up cover for a work-in-progress. Derived from a NASA photo. I wish I could use it.

  • Knitted these for a friend who is a fan of Japanese rock gardens


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